10 July 2014

Kathleen Ford is named as new Chair

As the Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium moves into the clinical trial stage, the Consortium Board has appointed Mrs. Kathleen Ford, Head of Global Clinical Operations at Merck Serono, as the new Chai

Dr. Paul de Koning (Head of Clinical Pharmacology at Astellas) will be replacing Dr. Kazuhiro Sako as the Astellas representative on the Board.

"On behalf of the R&D team, I would like to thank top management for their continued support, which has been of great help as we completed the preclinical trial stage," said Dr. Elly Kourany-Lefoll, Program Lead at the Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium. “We are now very excited about working with Kathy and Paul, and of course with Dr. Ton Rijnders, the scientific director at TI Pharma, who remains on the Board to help bring about a successful clinical trial stage".

During the clinical trial phase, Mrs. Ford and Drs. De Koning and Rijnders will also be joined by Prof. Jennifer Keiser from Swiss TPH, an expert in helminth biology, and by Dr. Daniel Lacerda de Oliveira at Farmanguinhos, who is an expert in clinical manufacturing. It means that a highly talented and experienced team is now in place to create the much needed pediatric praziquantel formulation, and to make an important contribution towards eliminating schistosomiasis.