01 December 2017

Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium to present development program at Swiss TPH Winter symposium and GHIT R&D Forum

Dr Elly Kourany-Lefoll (Program Lead) and Dr Remco de Vrueh (Consortium coordinator) will participate as invited speakers at the Swiss TPH Winter symposium in Basel and GHIT R&D Forum in Tokyo, respectively. The presentations are an integral part of the Consortium to continuously engage in...

Swiss TPH Winter Symposium

The Swiss TPH Winter Symposium (7-8 December) invites medical parisitologists, infection biologists, epidemiologists and global health specialists and students to review and discuss progress in research, control, elimination and eradication of helminth infections. Please consult the Swiss TPH website for additional details on the program.

GHIT R&D Forum

The GHIT R&D Forum will take place on December 8th in Tokyo, Japan. The 200-person GHIT R&D Forum (8 December) will include project overviews, R&D progress to date, and lessons learned over the past five years. The event offers unique opportunities to engage with scientists and experts across a multitude of organizations, as well as develop new partnerships to further build our community and accelerate global health R&D. Participants include representatives from product development partnerships, academicians, industry executives, researchers, and government officials. Please consult the GHIT R&D Forum for additional details.