09 May 2019

Taking the next step towards access with continued support from the GHIT Fund

The fourth research grant from the Global Health Innovative Technology (GHIT) Fund provides further support for the development, registration and access of a pediatric praziquantel orally dispersible tablet for preschool aged children infected with schistosomiasis.

The GHIT Fund provided the Consortium with positive feedback following the grant interview and the Consortium looks back on many years of good collaboration with the Fund. The Consortium is grateful for GHIT’s continued support in finding a solution for schistosomiasis in preschool aged children, and will continue its work to ensure future affordability, availability and adoption of this new medicine.

Despite schistosomiasis being one of the most prevalent parasitic diseases worldwide, preschool aged children are currently left untreated in public health programs due to lack of a suitable pediatric formulation. With the help of the GHIT Fund, the Consortium aims to meet this medical need. With this fourth grant the GHIT Fund reaffirms its confidence in the Consortium’s work.

Read the Consortium’s full press release here. Also available in French, Japanese and Portuguese.

Read the GHIT Fund press release here.